Wednesday, 4 July 2012

How One product could change the effect of your shopping

I hate grocery shopping. I used to love it when I was child-free, I could potter around for ages looking at new products etc. Now, once the novelty of helping carry the basket has worn off and Kit's grumbles of 'I'm hungry' (see food, need to eat food) starts to kick in I wish there wasn't choice. To avoid wasting time I now always stick to the same products every shop. I only buy one brand of any given item. No more label-reading.

I'd been missing out though. My staple brands have always been picked as to what I think is the most ethical and the healthiest for Kit. Now I've found one of the most fantastically ethical brand I've encountered. One that uses their profits to ensure that the products you buy pay for others to benefit from the same product you are paying for.

You see we were sent some One Careplast Plasters. I was inspired. The plasters were designed by school-children and the profits go to fund ambulance bicycles and medical boxes in Africa. I haven't done a 'proper' review because, thankfully we haven't needed to use them yet, but I will post one when we do.

Once I'd received the plasters though, I began to notice all the other 'One' products on the market. And whilst I know I've bought their water and their eggs before, I don't think I've ever looked properly at the labels and realised that they too fund projects in Africa.

So now I've been looking for One products, and thankfully our local Co-op stocks a few of them so we're using their toilet roll, bread, eggs and water. And when the time comes, we'll be using their plasters too.

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  1. Wow, honestly? I have never even noticed these products before. I will definitely keep by eyes peeled now- thank you so much for posting about it!



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