Saturday, 22 October 2011

Boys are allowed to sew too!

I personally don't consider any activity to be gender specific and so long as Kit enjoys doing something it doesn't matter whether that is something that society says is a 'girl' thing or a 'boy' thing. When I look for things to do with him though, I frequently find a divide between genders and it irritates me enormously. So when I was procrastinating from studying researching fun activities for children on the internet, and I came across some lovely ideas for teaching toddlers to sew (all, bar one, of which were with girls - check out Jennifers sewing with her son) I thought how great it would be to teach Kit. It is a great aid to dexterity afterall!

My favourite blog for ideas was this Pre-sewing activities and Sewing projects for preschool age

I stole borrowed the idea that she had for using onion bags stretched across an embroidery hoop and I thought that I would break gender stereotyping and start teaching my son to sew.

He actually really enjoyed it. We were on a train at the time (hence the outdoors clothing and him being in a buggy - there were no seats!). I'm definitely going to try some of the other ideas from Roopa's blog posts. I think there is a niche in the market for unisex or boy haberdashery skills - maybe I'll start a boys craft club.

We ended our sewing session in a similar way to how Kit always wants to end (and often start) arts and crafts sessions, with me writing his name.


  1. Thank you for the mention! I think it's important that boys are exposed to these sorts of activities too, and I really like the idea of the embroidery hoop and the onion bag, I will check out the links that you posted.
    One thing that I realised was that I do all my sewing/crafty things when the little ones are asleep, mainly because Harry would be so interested in what I was doing that he would pull at it and probably destroy it. So as he gets bigger and less likely to do that I need to make sure that he sees me doing crafty things, as then hopefully that will encourage his interest.

  2. Ah good for you! I'm glad Kit enjoyed it :)
    I agree about toys and activitied not being gender specific. I've bought my son a doll and my daughter has some little cars for Christmas. They both play with each others toys so why not?! :)



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